Robert ClineWhen I was 12 years old, my Christmas present was a drafting table. My aunt was a draftsman. She taught me how to use a drawing pencil, triangles, scales, templates and, yes, erasers. Every opportunity I had to take a drawing class in junior high and high school, I took the class.

Working for a residential designer while attending college, I created builder’s plans from concept drawings. After graduation, I worked at a small architectural firm that allowed me to design as well as document residential projects. I shared the passion my clients felt for creating spaces as personal expressions of themselves. Career opportunities directed me to large, complex healthcare, higher education and aviation projects. While servicing these projects, the lure of the intimate process of helping people to realize their dreams of making their home a tangible extension of themselves was ever present.

The key to successfully interpreting the desires of the client is to passionately listen to them and then to challenge them with perhaps yet to be considered ideas that can either open them up to unforeseen possibilities, or reinforce their stated desire. Communicating in this manner allows the breadth of my experience to bear upon the project as “have you considered this” comments – offered as possible suggested improvements. Non-threatening, they help to engender a strong personal relationship typically resulting in a design exceeding original expectations, passionately embraced by all parties. This process has been very successful regardless of the style of the design - traditional to contemporary – and can apply to new construction, additions, remodels – no project is too small.

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